Is it true ? TNT2 Cards do not work with Athlon Boards ?
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Thread: Is it true ? TNT2 Cards do not work with Athlon Boards ?

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    Is it true ? TNT2 Cards do not work with Athlon Boards ?

    Hi, I decided to buy a new Board and a AMD Athlon CPU.

    But I am not sure, should I buy a 550 or a 600 ? The 550 is much cheaper then the 600. I also want to o/c this Athlon with the suggestion from Tomshardware Guide (Dip Switches and so on...).

    How fast could a 550 run ? 600,650 or more ?

    The next thing, I also need a new Board, but I have a Asus 3800 TNT2 Card (not a Ultra) and I heard that the AMD Athlon Board making troubles with the TNT2 Cards.

    Is there a solution for me to run my TNT2 Card stable on a Athlon Board ?

    each help would be very nice



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    Yeah it could get messed up if you do not install the right drivers in the right order. I have a FIC SD11 with an Athlon 500 and it works great with my Viper V770 Ultra. First, you will need to fresh install windows98 (or other os). Then, the first thing you should do is to install the miniport driver 4.45 from amd's website. Then install the drivers from your cd and then head out to nvidia's website for the best drivers. That should make your video card work great. When I first started to put in the video card I noticed slowness and lockups. No more now! Hope this helps. Also, make sure you have 128mb of PC100 or bigger, you will need it for the AGP port.
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