TNT2 help PLZ
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Thread: TNT2 help PLZ

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    TNT2 help PLZ

    OK here goes
    system p3450 128mg abit be6 mobo
    i went from an abit bx6 viper550 --that ran great!! to the above--- i was running the 2.08 det drivers on it
    i cleared all drivers and i mean all from nvidia and diamond just to make sure that when i put in the tnt2 770 it would be a clean driver install i set it up as nividia mentions standard display etc etc,
    i then took out my 550 and my bx6 mobo...installed the be6 and the new 770 ultra
    i went to bios set up and disabled snoop etc and enabled irq vga just as they were for the 550..i know this because i copied my bios settings to paper
    any went thru the detection hrdware stuff picked up the 770 and installed software for the 770(it never asked to install software drivers) it told me to reboot and i first everything was good except of course desktop being 16 colors and 640* 400 THEN just when everything loads up (virus protect etc.)
    the monitor turns to alll different colors and flashes and i can just make out a desktop in the back round (i run NO wall paper) i can't make out anything i tried to load drivers but it's still the same..i tried to run safe mode and have no problems there, i can see my desktop. i tried loading the drivers from the cd no good i tried the 2.08 det drivers no good, i tried the 3.53 nvidia drivers no good, i put the 550 back in without changing a thing and it works what the heck is wrong!!!
    i've spent 10hours on this thing and can't figure it out....could it be a bad card?

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    Try running the Viper 770 with you old board (BX6) and see if it works. If not I would say it was your 770.

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    You did what to whos' dog for how many jellybeans?

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    looks like you did the right things...looks grim. i was concerned by the bios settings and your changes, though. usually, you don't have to tinker with the settings and change the irq's and stuff when you plug in a video card. i would suggest setting the bios back to default and try again. if that doesn't work, try the bx6 or try another computer.
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    Well i put it in a buds computer (he also has a 770 ultra and same mobo and settings)and it's the card that is no good ( makes his screen where it was gray it is now purple
    also noticed the 4 jumper pin locations to set for agp 4x are not there hmm?

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