T-Buffer or T&L
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Thread: T-Buffer or T&L

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    T-Buffer or T&L

    Which one should I go for? T&L or T-Buffer?

    They both seems nice to me though.
    Is it really worth what you paid for? Or is it only for fun? Because a buck or two may save your life someday.

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    So you pretty much want to compare the GeForce to the Voodoo 4&5. This can only be done on paper since Voodoo 4&5 won't be out until March. By then, GeForce will be priced low enough that there won't be a choice.

    T&L is going to kick *** when games designed for it come out. You just have to decide if that's something you want to invest in now. GeForce will give you great performance regardless of T&L, but you're going to pay a premium price for it.

    Voodoo 4&5 show some nice features, but not for the money, and not in March 2000.

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