good to leave things overclocked?
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Thread: good to leave things overclocked?

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    good to leave things overclocked?

    i've got my celeron 366 to 550 and it's been able to run for a least 2 hours without it being turned off or clocked back down (i'm not sure if it can go longer, i just haven't tried yet) but most of the games that i play don't really seem that much different (ie TA, TS, SC) but if it doesn't crush at that speed is it good to just leave it there? will it cause any long term damage?
    also same question with the video card, does it do any damage to it, even if it doesn't crush?
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    ok, first off you wont see that much difference in RTS games unless you were getting slowdown before. Second of all, as far as I know (i might be wrong):If you leave it O\Ced, there will be permanent effects on your cpu, but only after about 3-4 years of use. SO if you plan on uupgrading before then, dont worry about it.

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    The long term effects of overclocking...
    Well, unless you're really pushing a chip (say, running 2.3v with heavy cooling just to keep it stable), you're unlikely to ever see the chip fail. Even then, your more likely to blow the chip due to a fan or power supply failing. And the power supply is probably good until it's fan fails...
    If you're running 2.1v or 2.2v with normal forced air cooling at 40-50 degree celius, I wouldn't worry about it. You should be good for a decade or two.

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