AGP CLock Max??? 89mhz
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Thread: AGP CLock Max??? 89mhz

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    Siamese Guest

    AGP CLock Max??? 89mhz

    Hi guys who here has successfully used the 133mhz FSB with a 2/3 AGP divider (89mhz AGP)
    ever since i upped the FSB making my CEL300a run at 600mhz, i can no longer run my 3d games without crashing, such as AVP, Half LIfe, etc. I have tried everything from upping voltage to 2.3, cas2--->3, my temps max out at 35C so no problem there....
    my only guess is that the VOodoo3 2k is not handling the agp bus well, what do u think???

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    I don't think it's your video card problem, more like your AGP bus just won't go that fast. I used to ask that myself too. At one time i have my G400Max running AGP@94Mhz, (94FSB Agp:1/1), playing 3D games without any glitches.. I thought, wow, my 3D card is awesome!! but later on find it too hot, but later on I found on posts here that AGP runs optimumly @ 66Mhz. So I used 2/3 ration instead. Just a piece of mind.

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