pci agp combo
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Thread: pci agp combo

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    pci agp combo

    since 3dfx now has the v3 3000 in pci, should I go this route and when v4 arrives put this in the agp slot? I've seen custom systems using the pci and agp slots in combo with each other. Can anyone explain how this works, how the cpu sends instructions to these cards and why one would perform an operation over the other? Is what I am asking not possible for the system I'm building or is it a bad route to go? help :-( Vidfreek, Toolbox, anyone?
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    This PCI AGP combo is primaraly used to give computers support for Glide games, and stilluse TNT2 cards for D3D. Putting a V3 and A V4 in the same case will only alow you to use two monitors under windows 98, and won't provide any other benifits.

    They won't work simultaniuosly in a video game. You should however be able to tell the Game what card to use (the V3 on glide based games, and the TNT2 on all others). In windows, however you can use both if you have two monitors. this will give you a significantly larger desktop.

    The V3 can still use PCI, because it doesn't take advantage of all of the AGP features..So The PCI buss will suffice, although it will be a hair slower. It's about as powerfull a card as you will be able to get in PCI form. (I think TNT2 was at one point but I haven't seen it latley. I think the PCI buss crippled the TNT2)

    Hope this info helps!

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