Please help, ATI Rage Fury problem!
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Thread: Please help, ATI Rage Fury problem!

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    Please help, ATI Rage Fury problem!

    I am pretty sure by now that the problem I have is in the video card. The thing is:
    1) On an empty desktop (all windows closed), all icons have a "trace", i.e. to the right of them you can see very transparent copies of them.
    2) Sometimes (most often noticeable when running Explorer, or other app, which has a lot of white in it and takes up the whole monitor) a purple surge comes through and after that, on an empty desktop there are traces from icons and the mouse to the right of them, but jittery and nastier than before.
    My specs:
    P3 450
    256 RAM
    DIGIView 17" Monitor (it works fine on another comp.)
    ATI Rage Fury card

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    Try installing new drivers. ATI makes some of the most well built boards, (I have one like yours and it works fine).
    If that fails, try the ATI on another computer. What you might have is a possible conflict with tour motherboards chip. For example, the ASUS TNT2 donīt work well with ALI chipsets.

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