I recently ran the 3dMark99 program on my computer to find out what kind of improvement a new video card would do for me. It came back saying I needed to increase the settings because it was much slower than the norm for a Monster 3D II. I went into the display panel tried to adjust the refresh rate but it's locked at 60. I reinstalled and everyting looked good (refresh set to 85), until I tried running 3dMark99 again and lo and behold back at 60. Is this a program bug or am I doing something wrong. Have the latest drivers from Diamond.

System configuration is a 366 celeron,
64 meg, Diamond Stealth 2000 w/4meg, and win95.

I've also asked about upgrading to a newer video card but get more confused after reading some of the discussions in this forum. So far it's fifty/fifty, V3 or TNT2, it appears that there is no clear choice.