COMPATABLE & reliable video card
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Thread: COMPATABLE & reliable video card

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    COMPATABLE & reliable video card

    I am thinking about what video card to throw in my next computer. I have an ATI XPERT 98 AGP in my current system. It's not the fastest or the best card around (not even close, I know that), but it is the most compatible, reliable card I have ever seen that has at least OK performance. I would like high performance, but also like to keep as much reliablilty as I get from my ATI. The cards that I am considering are: Viper 770, 3DFX Voodoo 3, or ATI Rage Fury (the 32 meg one!) Which would you say is the most problem free card, also feel free to suggest others.


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    POSITIVELY! the v3,on any system,most compatable(troublefree).

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    Yeah get a Voodoo3 3000, they're about $130 I think and will work with everything. About the same speed as TNT2 Ultra, but they'll also run all the Glide stuff and most games rarely crash with them.

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