Hi guys, I am just posting to tell all of the saddened TNT2 owners that cannot get their card to work that there is another option. VooDoo3 All I can say is that I wish I had bought this card first, would have saved me a month of sleepless nights and head aches. No my reason for ditching class is no longer to fix my computer, but rather to be able to play with it I am not meaning in any way to bash the powerful TNT2, but Nvidia, serously, Get it together, what use is a ferrari if you cannot get it out of the garrage? I'd rather drive a chevy on the autobahn. (Though, the V3 seems to perfomr MUCH better than the TNT2 when it actually did work for a breif while) Anyway, Any opinions will be respected.

Good luck if you decide to continue using you TNT2, I wish you the best, I just don't have the patients...

(long time beliver in the TNT cause, happy to say that 3dfx is back on top)