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Thread: which card is best? poll

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    which card is best? poll

    G400 MAX, TNT2 Ultra or Voodoo3 3500

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    Well, I have heard that the G400 is crap, but from personal expierance, the TNT2 is very touchy about working or not I had one for a full month, it worked for a total of 2 hours, so needless to say, I would feel bad about recomending it, I got my V3 3500 today, I am in love, worked great, no crash after I loaded the drivers... I overclocked my processor (not with the TNT though) fro, 400- 480 (p-II) and the V3 from 183 to 200, God it is soooooo sweat, and stable too, one thing, if you get a V3 3500, you need to take off the heatsink and remove the adhveasive film between the heaksink and processor, It is simple if you have a raxor blade, than you can over clock it due to the fast you have more surface area for the stock heat sink to work, I am going to o/c to 210-215 later, just for kicks and let 3dmarxmax 99 loop all night to see if it is stable... but 200 is rock solid.

    My vote: V3 3500, hands down due to the simple fact that it works and the TNT dosent.

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    G400 MAX is the king. The king of image quality, and with the new TurboGL, the king of speed. Need I say more?

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    Go have a look at those fresh framerates yourselves. Those devine figures can be found at www.firingsquad.com

    BTW.. err.. that's 3Dmark99 max...

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    G400 is supposed to be hot, but according to Tom Pabst www.tomshardware.com it aint. I have a mate with a V3 3000 and he is in love. He has a celery 333 @ 333 with a V3, and he gets better frame rates than I do with My K6 III 450 and Banshee. The TNT is superfast but temparamental.
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    3Dfx for me! Never trusted anything else! Just as simply as I trust Intel. AMD is looking better and better though... will have to consider that soon!

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    Well... I had a Voodoo3 3000 with a Slipstream heatsink/fan [check the For Sale ads] that I sold for $100. It was a decent card for sure but a buddy has nearly the same PC setup that I do and has a Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor TNT2 Ultra that had a MUCH
    better picture quality and was faster than my
    Voodoo3. So I got one to...and I love it. We both are running Celeron 366s@605 and this card hauls *** for sure. My 3DMark99 Max score is 5008/5720 which buries anything I could get with the V3 and it would clock up to 185. The only thing is now I have no Glide [if I have to I will get a Glide Wrapper if I put any Glide games in]. The TNT2s are not for low mhz CPUs
    though so a V3 works a lot better in that situation. All I can say is Halflife TFC Multiplayer on a cable modem runnin 1024X768
    is KICKASS with the setup I have at least.
    The TNT2 went right in...no probs at all, I just made sure all the '3DFX' and 'Voodoo'
    entries were uninstalled.

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    I have a STB Velocity 4400 for those who don't know its based on the original Riva TNT
    I've had no problems whatsoever and can run all the lastest games perfectly i.e. Quake 3, Nocturne

    The PC is only tool make great use of it
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