TNT2/TNT2 M64 Tweaks For all!!!!!
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Thread: TNT2/TNT2 M64 Tweaks For all!!!!!

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    TNT2/TNT2 M64 Tweaks For all!!!!!

    Tweaks published in PC Gamer Hardware Bible OCT.99
    1: Open Regedit
    2: Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES/Software/NVIDIA Corporation/RIVIA TNT/NVaTweak
    3: Create a DWORD key called Poweruser (Case Sensitive)
    4: Modify the key-insert the settings
    Value Data: 1
    Base: Hexadeciaml
    5: Open the display applet in the control panel or desktop, go to the settings tab and click the advanced button. Go to the Riva TNT tab and click on Additional properties. This will take you to the hart of the TNT. Here are the recomended settings for Direct3d, OpenGL.
    6 IRECT3D
    A. Auto generate 12 Midmap levels
    B. Auto-midmap method: Trilinear
    C. Midmap level on: Best Image Quality
    D. Enable Anti-aliasing: Best Image Quality
    E. Click on advanced button
    Disable Fog table Emulation
    (For PCI Card users) PCI Texture Memory size: 8MB-10MB
    Disable wait for Vblank: Render no more than 12 frames ahead. If you have trouble lower the frame value
    a. Open the regedit and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/NVIDIA Corporation/RIVATNT/OpenGL. B. Set"EnableVblankWait" to 0 and C. Set"TextureQuality" to 01 (You might have to create a Dword for this value

    This concludes the tweaks. SixGunDan

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    Here is an addition I forgot to add:
    OPENGL settings: Enable Buffer Region Extension-Allow dual planes extension,

    Disable Buffer flipping

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