Best drivers for viper 550 agp?
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Thread: Best drivers for viper 550 agp?

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    Best drivers for viper 550 agp?

    Hi everyone, I have used diamonds drivers and they freeze some games at loading, so I uninstalled them and used detinator 2.08 these seem to have a lot of "glitches" when gaming. My specs:
    Abit bx6 r2
    Celeron 300a @450
    viper v550 agp set at 2/3
    64 mb micron 8e ram cas 2
    6.4 wd Hdd
    lots of cooling except on video card
    what would you recomend? besides getting a new card? Thanks, Jim


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    Big might be doing this already , but just in case your not , here goes..... be sure when changing video card drivers ( every time ) to change the adapter to " STANDARD VGA " and re-boot and then change adapter settings to the new drivers...I've got a V770 Ultra and are using the 2.08 drivers and NEVER get a crash ( unless I give it too much juice with TNTCLK )..before that I had a V550 w/dual V2's SLI and after messing with a number of different "wonder" drivers settled on the 2.08 and , thanks to this site learned the correct way to install drivers... hope this helps...if not , let me know..and we will go to PLAN B....BAX

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