Ok.. Sorry if this might appear a bit.. ranting.. But I'm writing this at 1am in the morning, as a last try to solve this problem. Recently got myself a Sis 6326 card, with a (two actually, one composite and one S-Video tv outlets) tv outlet. Problem is that I dont have the "original" remote to my tv. So I'm using a philips Universal remote, which obviously wont let me enter the AV (Scart) channel manually. I'm using a scart-cable between the computer and the tv, with a composite connector in the computer end. So I cant find the correct channel! The tv wont find the AV channel when it searches through all the different frequencies (looking only on its antenna connector). So my question is.. Will a "real" Scart cable solve my problems? The one I'm using now is actually made for copying of video tapes, and has only 7 connectors. I need some sort of arrangement which will force the tv into AV mode/channel automatically.. Wierd thing is that my VCR does that just fine, with the same cable!