How to overclock TNT2 ultra board?
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Thread: How to overclock TNT2 ultra board?

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    How to overclock TNT2 ultra board?

    I wish to know how to overclock my TNT2 ultra. and please tell me where to download the utility to overclock too, thanks!

    PS: how do I play unreal using my tnt2 card rendering instead of using software rendering?
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    If you have a Ultra it must not be a Viper cause the OC'ing utiliy is in Display settings.Givin that or should have (tntclk) which is the OC'ing utility.About you second ? Im not sure.


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    This too shall pass!

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    Have you got the patch for the 3dfx UT demo that adds direct3d support or get the new full demo it has opengl support as well.

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