About ATI Rage Fury 128 and DVD decoding.
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Thread: About ATI Rage Fury 128 and DVD decoding.

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    Georgerel Guest

    About ATI Rage Fury 128 and DVD decoding.

    Hi guys, I have that ATI card and a Toshiba DVD, and I have some questions.

    Does this card decode any DVD ??, I'm from México, and I know that for DVD there are regions, I think I'm in region 4, so if go to a Blockbuster and rent a DVD movie will my card be able to decode it. Or this card can just decode DVD's for U.S. region.

    If someone knows something about please tell me.


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    Yes, you are in Region 4. ATI's DVD software setup includes a utility to change your DVD's region code, essentially DVD's are the same, even the encoding, and the region code is just a copyright protection mechanism. When you install ATI's DVD Player, it will ask you what region. Be careful, though, you can only change regions five times. Supposedly, after that your DVD drive has to be sent in to the manufacturer to unlock it.
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