TnT2 U overclocking question
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Thread: TnT2 U overclocking question

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    TnT2 U overclocking question

    I recently bought a 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra(32Mb), but the card is different from the card in the picture of the box. My card only as 8 video ram chips instead of 16 and the chips in my card, are bigger and have pins in all edges while the card in the picture, as 16 smaller chips and they have pins in just 2 of the edges.
    I would like to know the difference between my card and the other ones. Does it have different kind of RAM? (Better or worse?)

    How far can i overclock the card (core/mem) without loss of stability?


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    Well, if youre card is significantly different from the one on the box, i would phone the maufacturer or retailer immediatley just to make sure.
    As for overclocking, im not an expert, but in my xperiance all chipsets are different, so experiment and see what works best...(be carefull; thats an expensive amount of hardware to risk)
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