Help : Asus v3800 M64 tnt2
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Thread: Help : Asus v3800 M64 tnt2

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    Help : Asus v3800 M64 tnt2

    I'm new to the 3d cards arena and i've just bought an asus v3800 M64 tnt2 with 32megs of ram.

    my questions are as follows :

    1) what is the V3800 M64 tnt2? how does it differ from the other v3800? is it faster/slower?

    2) i've installed unreal with patch version 2.24 so i can play the game with the tnt2 but hell, it seems to take a heckuva long time to load! around 2 1/2 minutes at least with a message that says it's 'precaching'. when the game finally loads, my hard disk persistently spins causing the game to slow down every second or so. who knows what the hell it's doing. my previous savage 4 could much, much better than this, hands down. btw, i was in openGL mode as this was the only acceptable mode in terms of visual quality that new my card would accept.

    3) the opening movies for Aliens vs Predator (whether playing alien, marine or predator) would freeze after playing a few frames but the background sound was still audible. i have to press the escape key to get out of the situation. the game itself however played flawlessly.

    i have the latest driver installed for the card, that is version 2.08 with dx 6.1. i have a celeron 466, 64 ram, abit bh6, quantum fireball 3.2gb, awe 64 and my system is no way overclocked. btw, i never had the abovementioned problems with my previous Savage 4 card.

    so what the heck is going on guys?

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    The M64 stands for 64bit Memory bus for memory transfers instead if the usual 128bit of the standard TNT2. It also has 110/125Mhz core/memory speed compared to the TNT2's 125/150 and TNT2 Ultra's 150/183. The card is cheat for a reason and does not overclock well (maybe 140/140 if you are lucky).

    I know Unreal Turnament is having some problems with the TNT2s in Direct3D mode. They are MEMORY HOGS. The texture take up over 20 MB in system memory and are not removed correctly (supposadly the TNT2 drivers problem not the game?) so you need over 64MB memory (128 prefered) and it still runs choppy.

    You should have got the Voodoo3 2000. Cheap and fast and overclocks great (mine runs stable and cool at 170 with a 486 fan) and Glide still rules!

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