Two video cards working together ??
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Thread: Two video cards working together ??

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    Georgerel Guest

    Two video cards working together ??

    I`ve heard that two Voodoo 2 can work together in the same PC with one monitor.

    Is it true ??

    How can I do that ??

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    i don't know if you have to get a scecial version, but yes they can do that, i think it's called v2 sli.
    there are two outputs of the card and you connect them using special wire.

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    Georgerel Guest
    Ok, as I can see I can put together two Voodoo 2 card, but what about if I want to put 2 diferent video cards, lets say an ATI Rage Fury AGP and a Voodoo 2 or 3 card PCI.

    Can I do that ??

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    You can connect 2 voodoo 2 cards together with a ati card because voodoo2's are 3d only cards. They have a special cable that you connect from your ati to one of your voodoo2's. I'm not sure if you can connect an ati to a voodoo3 because a voodoo3 is a 2d and 3d card. Ask someone that has voodoo3 cuz i only got voodoo2 sli
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    Voodoo2's were designed to run "SLI". They do not replace your current graphics card, but work with it. You istall the Voodoo2 in a PCI slot and unplug the monitor plug and plug it into the Voodoo2. Then use a jumper monitor cable that goes from your monitor plug to the input plug (on the outside of the jumpers inside). With SLI you just add the other Voodoo2 in another PCI slot, move the monitor cable to the end Voodoo2 card and place another jumper cable between the 2 Voodoo2s.

    This takes up a total of 3 slots. I personally recomend a Voodoo3 2000. They are cheap ($100 or less), they only take up one slot (PCI or AGP), they are very fast, they run Direct3D, OpenGL, MiniGL, and Glide, they can be easily overclocker (from 143Mhz to 160-180Mhz), and they are easy to install. They run faster than SLI at higher resolutions (1024x768+) but the SLI will usually run faster at lower resolutions (800x600 or less). The Voodoo3 does have beter image quality though and takes up only one slot(not three).
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    You can put two Voodoo2's in one computer and they will make 3d games faster. But you will still need a 2d card. If you put some sh!tty ati 2d card and a voodoo2 in together, you have to tell the computer to use one or the other. So just buy a voodoo3 and you'll get both faster, cheaper.

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