tnt2ultra and 3dmark
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Thread: tnt2ultra and 3dmark

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    tnt2ultra and 3dmark

    I popped in a new xentor32 tnt2ultra into my p2450, 1280ram and ran 3dmark at 800x600/16 expecting a nice jump over my score with my tnt1 (v4400) i had just removed...exact same! went from 3863 (3dmarks) with the tnt1 oc'd to 120/115 to 3842 with the xentor (default 183/175) this normal? my q2 and unreal fps went up about 50% in 800x600 and 1024x7 and even showed almost no drop with 32bit color...but what is up with the 3dmark score? oh, and by the way, GET THE XENTOR32 FROM GUILLEMOT, IT KIX ***!!! just kidding about that

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    freon Guest
    Well? Guess that shows how useful benchmarks are. I never EVER use benchmarks to compare two machines. They're pointless when you can use much more real-world tests like crusher timedemo, etc.

    BP6, P2-C 366-550 (x2), 192MB
    CL TNT2U 180/205

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