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Thread: Voodoo2 drivers

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    Voodoo2 drivers

    I'm gonna download some new drivers for my voodoo2 sli but i'm not sure what to do with after i download it. help!!! I'm new with this!!! Thanks!!!
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    After downloading it, double click it and extract it to a temporary folder(create one) and go to your system properties(right click on your MyComputer icon) and select the device driver tab and look for sound, multimedia and game devices. double click it,look for your Voodoo2(you only need to install one of them if you're running an SLI),click it twice, select the driver tab and click update drivers, it will ask for the folder where you put your drivers(temporary folder you created), point to it and and click ok, after the drivers have been installed look for an Unreal Tourney server and let's get it on! well you might have to restart first.

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