Voodoo2 or not?
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Thread: Voodoo2 or not?

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    Voodoo2 or not?

    I have a P166 with a Canopus Pure 3D 6MB voodoo card. I am thinking of getting a dirt cheap ($30) 12MB Voodoo2 from Creative. Is it worth it? I heard that the voodoo series is much less reliant on the CPU than TNTs, so that is a plus. What I'm wondering is -- will I notice a big enough difference for it to be worth the $30? Thanks.

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    I would recommend it.. The voodoo2 is great add-on for any non 3DFX card... Could not tell if you are aware that voodoo2 is 3D only.. You have to use is along with a 2D card...
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