video card confustion
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Thread: video card confustion

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    video card confustion

    i ahve look up many sites and gotten information from other bulletin noards and am confused.. is it posible to use a cyrix mii 333 with a SOYO SY-5EHM motherboard. and am thinking of putting a Creactive 3D Blaster TNT2 Ultra or a diamond viper v770 ultra to upgrade my current video card as it is only 4mb. a report says that the cyrix chip that using a graphic card would be wasted as there you be wasted potential.. and that i would have to upgrade to a amdk6-2 450MHz to upgrade my cpu

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    ankerson Guest
    You don't have to do anything really.

    It would be best to upgrade your CPU, but it will work fine with your system...

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    If you're gonna run a Cyrix CPU, just get a TNT1, a TNT2 Ultra would be a waste. For what a TNT2 Ultra would cost, you could get a TNT1 and a new cpu
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    If youre going to stick with the Cyrix chip get a V3 2000 PCI or AGP as it is less cpu dependant than a TNT or TNT2, otherwise upgrade your cpu to a Celeron o/c job(you know those famous 366@550) or amd K6-450 at least and get a TNT2 or V3 3000.
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