Strange things happen with v3......
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Thread: Strange things happen with v3......

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    Strange things happen with v3......

    just couple of min ago, I booted my computer(v3000). then I see my deskstop setting is on 286colors(?) and 600x450(?) or something like that.
    I always had it on 16bit colors and 1024x740 something.
    I didn't change it last time I used the computer so why has it changed?
    OK, so I can just change back right?
    Wrong!, i go to display proper, and I see that the highest rez I can go to is 800x600 and 286colors(?) and no other higher rez.

    I installed driver long time ago(lastest), and it worked fine all the time.
    So I reboot my computer and Now, i see have I have higher rez options.

    WTF happened?

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    Jul 1999
    Is you CPU overclocked, Your VC ?

    It could just be an Innate windows **** up(it is made by humans)

    Go and change your adapter and monitor to the correct settings in the Display Control Panel. Then reeboot and it should be fine.
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