Voodoo 3000 stress
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Thread: Voodoo 3000 stress

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    Voodoo 3000 stress

    I recently bought this card. I was looking forward to this but have be dogged by problems.

    In Windows 98, the bastard (card) intermittantly blurs and locks the screen. I have tried 3 different sets of drivers. It only happens at certain resolutions. It also causes flicker at some other different resolutions. The standard driver which ships with Win98 seems to be the most reliable, but causes the most flicker.

    In Windows 2000 (build 2072) the bastard does the same thing (to a lesser extent). Have also tried different drivers. Anyone else have this problem?

    I am tempted to piss the damn thing off and get a TNT2 card.

    Anyone have any worthwhile suggestions?

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    Jeffy79 Guest
    Sure send the card here and ill send you my TNT STB V4400 hehe.


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    I've got a Voodoo3 3000 in one machine and a Voodoo3 3500 in another, the 3500 on a Win2000 machine w/Release Candidate 1 and the 3000 on a Win98 machine, I haven't had any problems with either and they have both been installed numerous times. My guess would be you got a bad card, try returning it for a replacement. I guarantee you, you won't find a better card. Another option might be an IRQ conflict with either a network card or a sound card.
    Good Luck,

    Ashton Lawson
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