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Thread: Yellow screen

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    Yellow screen

    Often times, mostly if not always when online, my screen gets a yellow tinge to it. Everything's clear, but definate yellow cast to everything. STB 4400 with nVidia reference drivers 2.08 and Orchid Righteous II V2's SLI with latest 3dfx reference drivers...any ideas?

    I originally thought it was tied to ICQ usage somehow [happened when ICQ was active] but haven't had ICQ on the sytem for months now.

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    Well it sounds like this is happening in 2d, right? I have almost the same cards you do. I have the 4400 and V2's but mine are 3dfx. There are updated drivers at under legacy products. Version 1.6.

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    Or maybe, your monitor cable is broken
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    ChrisvH Guest
    Or maybe, you have you're yellow-gamma set to high.

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    I should have stated that the screen "flashes" a yellow tinge, this is not a permanent thing, [ie gamma adjustment].

    Also, the version 1.6 driver set mentions for use with TV out models, which I don't have.

    Weird huh?

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