Minumum requirements for V3 and TNT2 ??
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Thread: Minumum requirements for V3 and TNT2 ??

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    Georgerel Guest

    Minumum requirements for V3 and TNT2 ??

    Someone that tell me wich are the minimum system requirements for the:

    Voodoo 3 2000
    Voodoo 3 3000
    Viper V770

    Wich one of this cards works better with a K6III and wich one depends less from the CPU.


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    The V3 would be best for the K6 -3 simply because the TNT2 chipset needs at least a P3 500 or Athlon 500 to push it to its limits. They are both great cards (TNT2 better) and both have very good AMD 3dnow ! optimized drivers.

    The minimum system requirements for each go roughly like this ;

    IBM compatible cpu eg P2, P3, Celeron, AMD K6
    running at 100 mhz or higher
    AGP slot 1.0 opr higher
    Win 95/98/Nt 4.0
    16 mb RAM

    The V3 is less cpu dependant so the cheaper V3 2000 would be your best shot in my opinion keeping in mind you have a K6-3 CPU.

    I do emphasize though that either card will run very fast and the TNT2 has much better image quality eg does 32 bit, larger texture storage but much dearer. I would recomend the V3 2000 over the tnt2 but not by much only because it is fast, cheap and very overclockable and has decent image quality to boot even if it is only 16 bit.

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    I have a P233MMX and I get great gameplay with the V3 2000. The chip you stated will work great with a V3, because I believe they do work better with 3DNow drivers, from reports I've read. You can overclock the v3 3000 as fast as a 3500, but you don't get the TV out option. Personally, even though I love VooDoo, I think the TNT2 looks great! I tried a TNT(not the 2) with my system and I could play some games, but others sucked and it required too much CPU power, the VooDoo3 requires almost no power.
    In fact I can run pretty much anything with it including A3D software and other features during gameplay with no problem. But it's up to you, are you looking for excellent image quality with average speed, or excellent speed with average image qulity.
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    The Voodoo3 2000 PCI would work wonders in just about anything. I personally recommend at least a P166MMX and 32MB memory. When I added it to my K6-2 350 with 32mb PC-66 and 2-8mb SIMMs I ran Q2 8-10 times faster with OUTSTANDING image quality.

    Otherwise a Voodoo2 1000 might work good. They can't pull anything close to a V3 at higher resolutions, but they smoke at lower resolutions, giving older systems a BIG performance kick. They might be a better card for anything below 300Mhz.
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