Sis 530 onboard video card refresh.
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Thread: Sis 530 onboard video card refresh.

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    Sis 530 onboard video card refresh.

    I got a Sis 530 video card onboard, when I try to see the 800 x 600 resolution it gets too black, (i am sure it's because of the refresh rate), I wanna know how to change manually those refresh rate or if there's any software to change so, no matter the brand of the video card.
    I also have to complain about the CD that my motherboard brought, it's really hard to read and my friend have one similar that cannot work. (cant read it).
    Another thing that video card onboard says that it is 3D <AGP too> and when I try to play QUAKEII on it. the game is just as a turtle. What is wrong? or how can I get it to work?
    Thanks for the help
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    On the SIS 530 video you can change the refresh rate in the bios. To do this you need to restart your computer and hit del when the computer tells you to do so. I think the option is under "advanced chipset" and the refresh rate is at the bottom left of the blue screen. As for your game, are you sure that you have installed the proper drivers? I have never had any problems with the pc100 drivers disk. Post some more information about what you can't read on the pc100 cdrom. Or better yet contact me directly at wwalker5386 at, I usually hang out only at the general discussion forum.

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