The best 3D+video editing+(NTCS->PAL->NTCS)=?
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Thread: The best 3D+video editing+(NTCS->PAL->NTCS)=?

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    The best 3D+video editing+(NTCS->PAL->NTCS)=?

    Hi ALL!
    I really need your suggestion. Iím going to buy a video card, but itís hard to make a decision. Iíd like to play 3D games, watch TV, make some video editing and convert video NTCS -> PAL -> NTCS.
    Probably, I want to do a lot on my video card :-) However, if there is the best video card, which can do what I mentioned before, just let me know.

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    For an all around card, the ATI Allinwonder 128 is the way to go. It has very fast 3d, it does mpeg and .avi video capture up to full screen, and it has tv to pc, and pc to tv.
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