Problem with Viper 550 - Help!
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Thread: Problem with Viper 550 - Help!

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    Problem with Viper 550 - Help!

    I have a AMD 450 2k 3dnow. 100mhz bus. I have a AGP Viper 550 card. I have downloaded the latest drivers/fix patches from Diamond. I have installed the card "by the book" - the instructions included with the latest software patch from Diamond, yet I still get a black screen during the Windows 98 boot.
    Any suggestions would be helpfull.

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    Are you using an ALI chipset MotherBoard? If so, then:

    1. Ensure your MoBo is running the newest versions of it's BIOS, and check to see if your TNT card has a bios upgrade, also. (TNT1's only. TNT2's are already "fixed")
    2. Ensure you are using Acer Laboratories, Inc (ALI)'s newest AGP and IDE drivers. Go to to get them.
    3. Make sure you change your display driver to "standard Display Adapter (VGA)" and RESTART windows once BEFORE you shutdown to change cards and/or graphics adapter drivers.
    4. Pre-Download the newest drivers for your card. Don't even bother with the ones that came on the disk with the card- They are usually 90% broken to begin with. They will cause you heartache with any chipset.
    5. Check for new driver/BIOS upgrades every couple of months, and install them if you find some. There are two reasons a company upgrades their drivers- A) To enhance stability. B) For better performance.
    6. Goto 5
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