How to over clock my Voodoo 2000
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Thread: How to over clock my Voodoo 2000

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    How to over clock my Voodoo 2000

    I recently purchased a Voodoo 2000 agp. What is the proceedure for overclocking it. And will i see much of a difference on my machine. I only really use it to play games Quake 3 Half Life etc.

    K62 300 mhz
    128 mb Ram
    Voodoo 2000 agp
    etc etc



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    In the middle colum under "New Binaries" you will see V3 Overclocker 3.1, down load and install. Select Voodoo3 2000 and check the box so it installs under advanced.

    Goto your local computer store (even most Radio Shacks carry them) and get a 486 fan/heatsink. Remove the fan and add it to the factory heatsink on the Voodoo3. You might have to gently bend a few of the heatsink fins together a little so the screw will have something to hold onto. Plug in the fan and you are good to go.

    Right click on the desktop, click on Properties, Settings, and Advanced. Goto Voodoo3 OC. Check all three boxes (to disable V-sync and alow overclocking). Adjust the slider to 155, click OK, and reboot your computer.

    Run a 3D game and see the results. Look to any tearing, flickers, and lines or games crashing that you didn't have problems with befor. If everything is OK, then try 160, 165, 170...

    I run very cool and stable at 160, but I have tested it at 170 with no problem (just a little warmer).

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