Anthlon + MG400 MAX
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Thread: Anthlon + MG400 MAX

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    Anthlon + MG400 MAX

    I'm getting an Athlon-500 with 128mgs RAM. I'll also be getting MG-400 MAX. What is the highest safe overclock speed? Also, is that speed compareable with the upcoming cards?

    Lastly, What is the highest resolution of the Tv-out, and is the quality good?

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    Cool thats exactly what im getting i already ordered the g400 max and im also getting a diamond mx300 monster a ibm 22gx 22.6 gig had and cant decide on a case any suggestions and on a dvd drive.
    Im out, l8r

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    well, it doesn't matter the res.. unless you have a HDTV the res is low... i'm not sure.. but i think its like 512x400 or 480..
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    I have a g400 max and the highest res is like 1280*768 but you won't be able to make anything out at that resolution. Even on my big screen TV 640*480 is the highest readable resolution

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