I'm stuck in 16 color land !! Help !!
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Thread: I'm stuck in 16 color land !! Help !!

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    I'm stuck in 16 color land !! Help !!

    My name is Gary Manuel. I just purchased a S3 Virge/dx PCI card part #3DS375 4M EDO. I am running windows 98. My problem is I'm stuck in 16 color land. When I change my color setting to 256 or higher colors, after re-boot, the display on my monitor locks up with vertical lines. Can't work like this so in order to get my display back , first I must re-boot in safe mode.
    Then I click display properties, then click advanced bar, then click display tab..On the display page there is a box with "Refresh Rate" next to it. In the box is "unknown". I click on the arrow next to the box. "Adapter Default" appears on drop down list. I select adapter default. Then I reboot to normal mode & I am back at 16 colors. Changed drivers many times still same result. It like it only knows the refresh rate in 16 colors & doesn't know the refresh rate in any other color mode. Also the "S3 video manager will not load into my system tray......Help.....

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    ankerson Guest
    need some system specs...

    make sure your monitor is set to plug and play....

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    I've got a virge.... download the newest drivers and install em. With the age of our cards, the drivers that come with them are really outdated. Drivers are usually the problem when you're stuck in ega.
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    yes GoldstarD1 has the right idea upgrade the drivers first and perhaps the card and mobo bioses aswell. When I upgraded my processor from 233mmx to k6-2 450 i got a similar problem but this fixed it even if bios upgrades shouldn't have been absolutely necessary they where what seemed to fix it. Give it a go and good luck.

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