Voodoo 2 good enough?
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Thread: Voodoo 2 good enough?

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    Voodoo 2 good enough?

    I will be upgrading my pc soon and was wondering if my current SB Voodoo2 card is good enough for current games. If not what sort of cards should i be looking for if i upgrade to a celeron 400+ or AMD K-2 400+.

    Thanks for the help.

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    It should be good enough. It is for me anyway. Just don't count on having it be all that great for years to come.
    If you decide to get a new card then - If you get the k6-2 stick to 3dfx cards. If you get the Celeron then just about anything will do great.

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    It's still Erich
    Go AGP, probably a TNT, or TNT2. It'll look prettier and your system should be able to push good framerates with this setup. If you don't want to pay that much at least go SLI, that'll rock too and you'll get to do 1024X786.
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