unreal doesnt work w/ voodoo3 ?
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Thread: unreal doesnt work w/ voodoo3 ?

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    unreal doesnt work w/ voodoo3 ?

    i have a voodoo3 2000 and was trying to run unreal version 2.25

    when i set it on 3dfx Glide for Windows in the advanced options menu it crashed... and crashed the next time i tried it.... and crashed again...

    what do i do?

    o yeah.... i have the updated 3dfx drivers...

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    I have a V3 3000 and it runs Unreal like a dream, so maybe someone else can give you a solution.
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    Did you make sure your desktop color depth was set to 16-bit color before you started Unreal with the 3dfx glide drivers? Some games just won't run when your desktop color depth is at something higher than 16-bit (my games Half-life, Q3Test, and Descent Freespace won't run or would crash unless I didn't switch to 16-bit color while in Quake II, I don't need to switch color depths, go fig). Hope this helps.

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    Sorry reread your post and realized my solution couldn'treally help.

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    What version from the cd is unreal ? The 2.25 patch doesnt work with All versions so check it out on the Unreal website.

    Also uninstall the game, then resinstall. When the game asks you if you have a 3d card say yes, then quit the game dont play it or select Do You Want to Use it. Run the appropriate patch then everything should be fine.
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    I have a 2000 V3 and it works absolutely great with Unreal. I have no clue what your problem could be, I know that earlier versions of Unreal dont work with the V3 but 222 and up should be just fine.

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