Orchid Righteous 3DII 8Mb
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Thread: Orchid Righteous 3DII 8Mb

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    Orchid Righteous 3DII 8Mb

    I have the card mentioed and have a small but very irritating problem with it.

    Whenever I play a game , it doesn't seem to matter which game, and I am on an screen that has a number of options to choose then the cursor moves from one option to the next on its own. This proves to be very difficult when even starting some games as I go to choose the option to start and it jumps to exit, and whhen I try to say no to exiting it jumps to yes and exits me from the game.

    I don't know if its a setting or if I need an updated driver. Can anyone help ?


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    Do you have a joy stick hooked up? If it is not centered the cusor will drift. I noticed it would do the same thing with Star Wars Racer on my system.
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