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Thread: best all around video card

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    best all around video card

    could someone give me some advice on some video card. I currently have a 300 P2 with 64MB RAM. what would be the best all around card that I could pick up for it. I want something that will give me good 2d as well as 3d performance. Would the G400 be a good investment or should i stick to a tnt2 card. i'm willing to pay up to around $200. thanks much

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    ankerson Guest
    I would go with a TNT2 for your system. I have a V770 and really like it.

    Like you I have a PII and that card rocks.

    You could go with a V3 also, but I would recommend the TNT2, due to more memory and 32 bit color.

    Hope this helps.

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    I agree with Ankerson. The TNT2 is the way to go with your system spec. In the future if you decide to upgrade you would probably save some money. The Voodoo3 is an execellent card for a nice price but since 32bit is what most future game is aim for then I suggest the TNT2 if you are not planning to upgrade your video card for a while until the other game catches up.

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    intelimm Guest
    Get will be great for your system but I wait for the upcoming NV10/TNT3 just a few weeks later on september....but it is a little bit pricy.Voodoo4 4000 will also come in...october.Most hardware sites said voodoo4 has T-Buffer that will make the image quality very good. But if you can't wait buy tnt2 32ram ultra.

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