overclocking the voodoo3 2000
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Thread: overclocking the voodoo3 2000

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    overclocking the voodoo3 2000

    I am new to over clocking so How do I do it?
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    Download the V3 overclocker utility from www.voodooextreme.com . It will be listed as V3 overclocker 3.1, its the latest and last version. Run the program after getting it, and pick V3 2000 and it will install the program under your display option in the control panel. Turn everything on, and enable graphics clock, change it to what you want, but start slow, most can goto 160 or 166 with no problem. Make sure you have some kind of fan on the card or blowing into your case onto the card.(this is what I do and mine runs at 170 with no problem) you can get a 486 fan from like radio shack and stick on the heatsink that is on the card also if you dont want to remove your case.

    Hope this helps

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