Is there anybody who has managed to run Elsa Erazor 3 TNT2 in AGP Turbo Mode especially on an Epox MVP3 G-M rev.04?(but also on other mainboards)
My system freezes after a few seconds in every d3d or opengl. AGP in normal mode works fine. Ihave sent request to elsa and they answered that erazor3 runs without probs in agp2X mode on other mainboards.
My system: AMD K6/2 450MHZ,Epox G-M rev.04, Elsa Erazor 3, WD AC418000, 128 MB PC 100, SB16, Teles ISDN S0 16.3, Asus Cd 36x
Thank you for reporting, it would help me in my discussion with ELSA