Hello all,

Thanks in advance. I was wondering which card I should get. The vid card options im thinking of is Matrox G400 max, or the Voodoo3 3500. Now do not list the TNT2 I hate them, I have a TNT and its so damn unstable. The TNT I have causes the game I have to freeze, gives me vxd errors, and sometimes the screen turns black and all i see is a blue like line up top. I know its the vid xard, because everything else in this system has been used in another system. So which board should I get? Or should I see whats out by this x-mas. I prob will either upgrade this k6-2 350 to k6-3 450 or get a Athlon ### whichever is out. I almost ended up switching to intel but I found out it was the vid card FEWWWWW .