3 Video Cards Simultaneously? Please help.
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Thread: 3 Video Cards Simultaneously? Please help.

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    3 Video Cards Simultaneously? Please help.

    I have a AMD K6/350 on a PC100(or PCWave) M598 motherboard. I have 64 MB RAM. 4 MB of RAM is used for the integrated onboard AGP video, leaving me with 60 MB of RAM.
    The onboard video card is described as:
    "SiS 530 super7 chipset with video inside...
    64-bit 3D VGA Graphics Accelerator
    -AGP ver1.0 spec. compliant and 66/133Mhz support
    -64 bit GUI accelerator"

    I also have a 4X Hitachi DVD-ROM, 3rd generation. I use XingDVD Player to
    watch DVD's because I don't have a decoder card. I wish to buy a decoder card.

    Option One:
    I have 3 PCI slots. I want to add a DVD decoder card and a graphics accelerator. Specifically, I'm thinking about a Voodoo2 (for games like Quake and for UltraHLE), and an ATI All in Wonder Pro for capturing video and DVD acceleration.

    Can I add a Voodoo2 and ATI card simultaneously? Is there some way I can use each one for a specific purpose without
    having conflicts? How would I go about adding this to my motherboard? Since the original video card is part of the motherboard, the only thing I can find of use is a 16-pin slot(VGA1 according to
    the motherboard manual) from which a cable leads out to connect to my monitor. Would I have to replace this cable with the cable from the new video card (Voodoo2 or ATI)? Would the new video cards have to work with the original onboard video card?

    Right now I have a 14" monitor. I plan to buy a 17" monitor next month, but I would rather get the cards first.

    Option Two:
    Could I just get a DVD decoder card and a Voodoo2 and use them together?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    BTW, I was reading up on the ATI All in Wonder Pro and it says that a DVD decoder card is still needed to watch DVD videos (so it seems the ATI card might not be the solution for my DVD problem after all). Does anyone know if the ATI card accelerates performance in XingDVD Player? The XingDVD player provides a really good solution for just a piece of software, but I would prefer better quality.

    If anyone knows of a card that does it all, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Can you disable the onboard video? And just use 2 vid. cards in SLI mode?

    Just a thought.....

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    You dont need sli mode, just use you ATI allinwonder as your primary card and use the voodoo2 as your secondary (3D only). The voodoo 2 comes with a pass through cable so it should work just fine. Most onboard agp is disabled simply by putting a different video card in, some systems have a bios setting for disabling the onboard video.
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