CL TNT RIVA ULTRA- running slow??
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Thread: CL TNT RIVA ULTRA- running slow??

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    CL TNT RIVA ULTRA- running slow??

    Hi i'm running a amd 333 k62 /128 ram 4.3 hd on a EB-MVP3G-M motherbroad when i run the Q2 timedemo my fps 43.2 should it be higher?
    can anybody give me tips to oc the card or advice on how to speed things up. thanks

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    What drivers are you using....getting the newest drivers might help...As for overclocking..i think the CL is one of the hotter running cards, so make sure you can keep the card cool. I am also getting low FPS in games, but havent installed new drivers. In ms baseball 2000 I am only getting between 19 and 50 FPS. avg 24. I'm running a K3-450, epoxmvp3g-m , 128 pc100 6ns.

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