Hey why is everyone raving bout V3 vs. TNT2?

The V3 is a really outdated card with no 32 bit colour support for games, it's compatible with AGP but it really doesn't use the AGP features.
3DFX just hoped to take advantage of their good name and sell some more cards, that are just beefed up Banshees.

The question should be:
TNT2, G400 or Savage 4?

It's obvious that the TNT2U wins, performancewise, I just found it a little expensive.

The benefits of the V3 are: the nice price and it still is one of the fastest cards.

But I don't think V3 will be good when Game developers start pushing these cards more and more, the TNT2, S4 and G400 are in my opinion the cards to choose from. The V3 is just a Banshee with more power, no new stuff here.

If you don't mind looking at ugly graphics, go out and buy a V3, but if you want to actually see where your money went, then get one of the others.

I'm not trying to offend people here, i'm just annoyed by people who buy this card just because it's 3dfx.
If Matrox or something would've come out with this card instead of 3dfx, no one would've cared about it.

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