Savage4 problem
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Thread: Savage4 problem

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    Jul 1999

    Savage4 problem

    My computer lockup when W98 start after install new Savage4(Teppro) video Card, it work only in safe mode and without hardware acceleration.

    My computer is:

    Pentium II 400, 128 MB RAM,
    Mother Soyo SY-6Ze+ (Intel ZX chipset)

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    State College, PA
    I suggest you install the latest BIOS update(try or CL home page). It solved the similar problem on my Savage4 too(I returned it for Banshee.....) I had incompatible issues.....)

    PIII [email protected]
    PC133 128MB ECC
    ABIT BE6
    TNT2 Ultra
    WD SCSI2 10K 5.2ms 18.3G
    Vortex2 w/ digital out
    Sony MHC-5500 Digital Signal Processer - 30 equalizers and Dynamic Sound

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    Trying newer drivers might help you.
    Why don't you start with that.

    you can get them at the s3 site
    ( ) or for a complete list at

    The 8.09.05 drivers are the most stable and fastest on my system. There's also a BIOS upgrade for some Savage4 cards ( the Creative
    for example ) but I don't know about the one you have.

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