Detonator 2.08 (Info requested)
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Thread: Detonator 2.08 (Info requested)

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    Detonator 2.08 (Info requested)

    I've just bought a CL RIVA TNT 2. I installed the original CL driver for my card. Everything is fine.
    What is the purpose of Detonator 2.08.
    I just got installed in the Program Files folder. What is it supposed to do there. Since I am a new user of this card. Pls give advice whether, do you install the Detonator 2.08 as main Display Driver for the card or to install it on top of the CL drivers. Since there is no *.inf files to update the CL drivers.
    My computer wouldn't go into Windows when I have install the Detonator 2.08 unless I have removed it.

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    yeah the detonator 2.08 will be the main display driver, to install them go to device manager, double click display adapters, and then double click on your card, from there choose to update driver, then choose to show hardware in specific location, choose tnt2 ultra from that list and then click have disk, then click browse and point it to where the nvidia folder is in program files, then open the folder which will display the inf file, select it and the drivers will load, i dont think i left anything out? hope this helps.

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    If you have probs with 2.08, go back to the CL drivers.. Heard about other CL users having probs with 2.08...
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    The original drivers that came with the card sucked in framerates. If you don't want to go thru the hassle of installing Nvidia drivers, you could try out CL drivers 2.04. Its based on 204 Nvidia drivers. I've installed it no probs so far.

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