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Thread: Banshee no good

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    Banshee no good

    I just borrowed a Creative Labs Banshee from a friend for a couple of weeks before i get my voodoo3, but i was just wondering if anybody else has one that works? The stupid card gets soo hot even in windows when i'm not even running any 3d apps. Unreal and q3 freeze after about one minute with the newest drivers on everything. the card gets way too hot, anybody else had this and fixed it?

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    I have a Quantum 3D Raven (Voodoo Banshee), and the new drivers will NOT work for me, and even their tech support can't tell my why. It works just fine for Quake 2 and Half Life for me though, with drivers released in Dec. 98, and the games patched for 3DNow support (and it worked fine before I patched them) so try the older drivers....otherwise maybe the card is fried?

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