Weird Detonator 2.08 Error
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Thread: Weird Detonator 2.08 Error

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    Weird Detonator 2.08 Error

    Hey y'all,

    I have been getting a freaky bug/error
    with my viper 550 when I install the
    2.08 detonator drivers.

    What happens is that at any resolution
    above 1024x768 the display goes crazy.

    Crazy as in setting the refresh rate
    incorrectly. I've tried adjusting the
    refresh rate accordingly and that does
    not help.

    I can delete and reinstall the drivers
    and come up perfectly to 1280x1024 but
    that will only last until I run any
    program that changes the screen resolution.
    ie. running 3dmax99 to test the new drivers.

    Any one else have problems like this?.

    Running a

    BH6 (tried it overclocked and stock speed)
    win95 rev. b
    viper 550
    192Mb ram

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    intelimm Guest
    I got a NVIDIA Detonater 2.08 and it runs perfect on my CREATIVELABS RIVA TNT PCI...I only got Pentium 233MMX. Couln't afford to buy a fast CPU and Motherboard. Did you install the driver properly? you should set the driver to standard display something..something and restart the PC.You will get horrible graphic..after you restart quickly install the new driver.Or maybe you got a bad download...try downloading it again.You can try formatting the PC....but I don't recommand that but its worth a try... backup all your files to a created partition using partition magic or other utilities.Did you lower the refresh rate?You can try taking out the card..start the pc...and install the card again...if it works..

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    hmmm.... thats very insteresting. I have a Viper v550 and the 2.08 drivers and they werk flawlessly. Monitor drivers?

    Hey Bobby and Billy, you out there?
    These are not my pants.
    Hey Bobby and Billy, you out there?
    These are not my pants.

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