I have a hardware problem I hope you all can help me with. Here's the problem: I have an STB TNT 4400 AGP video card running on Windows 98, 450mhz with 128 of ram on an Abit BH6 motherboard. Every so often while playing 3d accelerated games (X wing alliance, Half-Life, Quake 2) the computer will reboot just like I had pressed the reset button. This never happens while I'm surfing the web, using Win 98 or Word, only 3d accelerated games. I've thought about heat, but the problem still occurs even though I have the case off, a CPU fan and a fan mounted directly on top of the TNT chip. I've tinkered with Bios settings, upgraded drivers, etc. but nothing seems to work. Have you ever heard of this problem? Would getting a new video card be the answer?

Much thanks,
Thad Ryals