age, name, country, where from?
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Thread: age, name, country, where from?

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    Apr 1999
    Oxford, England

    age, name, country, where from?

    Since we are pratically all 3d Cultists i think we should share some info about ourselves....

    My name is Simon Fuller
    I'm 26 and live in Oxford... England
    I'm a Web designer.
    I love gaming/ my girlfriend hates it.
    I like excessive beer and online quake2 even more.
    My girlfriend thinks tnt is dynamite .
    oh yeah i love **** food and don't eat my greens.


    **Mcdonalds is better than Burgerking... so leave it!**

    "I know what your thinking.... should have took the blue pill"

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    Apr 1999
    Oxford, England
    i'm going home for the weekend and i expect some replies for monday morning..


    "I know what your thinking.... should have took the blue pill"

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    Apr 1999
    Butler, Pa. USA
    The Names Chaz, I live in Pennsylvania, USA.
    Love gaming, Hate Sprint (Really bad Phone Lines)
    Major in Information Systems at Slippery Rock College
    Enjoy Collecting Movies, Horror and Sci-fi
    Waste tons of money renting and going to see movies at the theatre, hey got to have a hobby right?
    I am 20 years old
    Favorite games right now, KINGPIN, ALIENS VS. PREDATOR and TA: KINGDOMS

    Vidfreek: The master Wizard.
    Visit us at

    I have gone to look for myself, If I get back before I return.....Keep me here

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    Mar 1999
    My name is Amr Adel
    I'm 15 years old, Egyptian living in Ontario, Canada.
    I enjoy playing computer games, going to the movies (action & comedy) and pretty much every sport.

    I like travelling, I went to England and France when I was 5, Holland when I was 12 and 13, living in Canada at the moment, and originally from Egypt so I lived there for almost 3 years.
    And that's my story

    Have a good day

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    Jun 1999
    Atlanta, GA
    Greg Gatz
    Atlanta, GA USA

    I’ve worked for over 20 years as an
    electronics tech.. I became a PC tech
    shortly after they started showing up..
    I currently work on a ’Help Desk’..
    helping people with printer problems.

    I enjoy swapping PC info, learning all
    I can and helping out whenever I can.


    Of course, I do not personaly recommend, that you modify
    any equipment, other than as recommended by the manufacturer...
    "If it works it's not overclocked!"
    My Stuff

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    May 1999
    My name is Chris. I'm 23 and I'm from New Brunswick,NJ.
    I work in a robotic screening lab at a pharmaceutical company.
    I enjoy building and tweaking all kinds of systems.
    I plan on networking/wiring my home soon.
    I recently jumped off the 3dfx bandwagon and bought a TNT2-Ultra and loving it.

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    Apr 1999
    San Jose, California, USA
    My is: Tho Ho (Originally from Viet Nam).
    Gonna be 39 this October.
    Now live in San Jose, California.
    Electronics Technician is my every day living.
    Work for a disk drive company.
    Pulling hair and stay up all night since the first 286 system got in hands (First built).
    Love cranking and distoring PC compatibles.
    Hate PC brand names and Mac.
    Just got back to the PC world few months ago.
    A lot to learn with nowadays tech.
    Love camping and travelling.


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    Nov 1998
    My name is Sebastian (yes, with "a" at the end !!! :-) )
    i'm 16 years old, live in Germany my whole live
    I love tuning my pc and waste fu**in much money on that hobby. I like sports and hanging around with friends.

    Hmm, sounds to me like one of these "man seekin for nice girl" pages in my newspaper :-)))

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    Jeffy79 Guest
    My name is Jeff
    I live on a 210 acre farm in good old Upstate Ny.
    I love to hunt, play golf and whichever.
    I watch the weather all the time. Was gonna go for meteorology but I don't want to be hated by others but you get paid to get hated .
    I am 20 and getting closer to 21 well next april anyways.

    I do more but im lazy at typing.


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    May 1999
    Hell ( :-))
    hi my name is andi i com from albania now i live in new york city i am 16 years old love computers and computer games like Q, Q2, Q3, alien vs predator mostly killing games and racing games. english is my fourth language
    and i have not been speeking it for long so dont make fun of me if i write to long sentences or mispal them.
    I love paintboling allso

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    Apr 1999
    Manila, Philippines
    I live in Forbes Park, Makati City, Philippines.
    I'm a 24 year old Spanish/Filipino. Been fidling with computers for close to three years now. I'm the VP of a major corporation here that has nothing to do with computers.
    I love four wheeling, golf, fast boats, even faster bikes, home theatre and the only computer game I play is Tomb Raider.
    My girlfriend is the same but she seems to like 4 x 4's just a little less then she likes her Honda NSR250 PGM-4 circuit bike.

    "It is now safe to turn off your computer"

    Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear to be bright until you hear them speak.

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    Apr 1999
    Ronald W. Crego is my name.
    I live in Arlington,Texas.
    I am working Inventory Specialist(chief crew)and some of automotive repair.
    I am playing on multiplayers games is my space time.
    Enjoying play basketball,softball,fishing,flyfishing,mountain bike,and go to church.

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    Jun 1999
    My name is Tony Ta.
    Live in Sacramento,Ca. USA
    Iam a bum. I work at a carwash.
    And love to waste my money on computers.
    Iam 18yrs old.
    I love Q2 kind of games. And Starcraft kind of games.

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    Feb 1999
    Toronto Ontario, Canada
    sup all?
    hi my name is Garland Anthony
    in 15 and im living in Ontario, Canada
    Basically learned about comps when mine would always screw up, and just basically taught myself ; )
    i enjoy some 3d-shooters
    but have fallen in love with ultima online
    and only really play that
    i enjoy hanging wit friends, partying, and watching movies
    aight well lates


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    Mar 1999
    Durham, NC, USA
    I'm GEM¿ the G-Master
    I'm 23 and live/work in Durham, NC.
    I'm a hardware tech on a gov. contract.
    In my spare time I play with computers and consoles and I love home theater. I have a THX sound system but currently have a sucky TV (27" coax only input). And I collect DVD's. I currently have 77, but any donations would be great Can't wait for Diablo II. Will marry the first woman I find that can wip my @$$ at Street Fighter . . . any takers?

    ®¿® Skywalker is here and the Force is with him!
    ®¿® Skywalker is here and the Force is with him!

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