Graphics Blaster Riva TNT Install Problems
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Thread: Graphics Blaster Riva TNT Install Problems

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    Graphics Blaster Riva TNT Install Problems

    Does anyone know why I am unable to load the software and drivers for the above? Everything works with the instruction manual until I check "have disk" I put the installation cd in drive d and click OK. The win 98 installation wizard looks for the setup file and gives me an error: The file bcdetect.crl on graphics blaster tnt win 9x driver cannot be found. I have browsed, removed and reinstalled everything at least 6 times, no luck! Does anyone know what Creative's help file question regarding the PCI slot being 2.1 compliant? Their instructions state that you should call the manufacturer of your system to check. I called Gateway and they didn't have any idea what I was talking about. By the way, I called Creative on their "Free Help" (Joke) number and was on hold for 45 minutes. No one ever picked up to help. What a travesty!
    My system is a Gateway 2000 with an Intel Zappa Motherboard. I upgraded to a AMD K-6 333 MHZ processor and have 80 megs of RAM. The STB Trio 64 PCI Video card that came with the system works great but I bought a high resolution 19Inch monitor and wanted to add a card that would utilize the capabilities of the new monitor. The Graphics Blaster 16 meg Riva TNT sounded great. It has been a nightmare to install.

    If anyone can help I sure appreciate it. By the way, I highly recommend for orders. I ordered this on 7/16/99 around 10PM and the hardware was at my doorstep via Airborne Express shortly after lunch the next day. INCREDIBLY EFFICIENT AND SPEEDY SERVICE AND DELIVERY. THEY ALSO CONFIRMED MY ORDER AND GAVE ME TRACKING INFO VIA EMAIL. Anyway, I'm stuck and I think the only thing I can do is return the Graphics Blaster and get something else. Help? Suggestions? Thanks....

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    Are you trying to install the drivers that came with it? Try d/l them off the net, there are much newer ones out there. Go for those first and see what happens.

    Good luck...

    Oh, also, try booting with the old vid card in safe mode and removing any CL stuff from the system properties-device manager...

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    I too had a problem with the installation disk. Ditch it, go to and download the 2.04 driver. It comes with a new tweak panel and its works great "overclocking etc...". The rest of the disc contains applications, you dont need em..Try this first before you take it back. Its a great card!!

    Oh yeah...make sure you try more then 1 PCI slot.

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